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'90 Heritage
  • 1990 FLSTC... Edelbrock Performer RPM package with Crane Cam,Scorpion clutch,42mm Mickey Roonie,Wild One Chubby Knucklehead bars,Mustang seat...
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  1. Lucifer
    That's my buddies lol...sorry,don't have a lot of pics..yeah, it was my main ride before the cop king...gas tanks, throttle cables ,battery ,seat and saddlebags and it ready for the road...made a few more changes since the pic,just gotta get around to finish...
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  2. Roadster guy
    Very nice. Your main ride before Cop King? Would have gone 5 stars, but the old 626 in the background brings back too many memories. Whitewalls can really rock on the right bike. This is one of em.
  3. cowboy
    Good looking Bike