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  • 2000- Fatboy front end/fender w Lightning Star 16" rim.
    Solid back rim.
    2:1 Thunderheader
    J.E.T. Airstack w K & N
    40mm CV, stock.

  • 81 ci
    J.E.T. EV 27 performance package. Crank balance/true.
    Dynatek 2000i SF ing/coil, NGK ir plugs.
    K & P oil filter. Can coated with thermal dispersant.
    Redline shockproof tranny oil.
    10-40 Amsoil primary.
    20-50 Amsoil engine
  • Heritage rear fender tip light (LED), Xtra bright halogen tail/stop light. Turn/stop function.
    Timber Wolf fender bib.
    2 leather teardrop tool bags.
    1 leather DT tool bag (parts)
    Passenger floorboards
    American Leather saddlebags w quick detach along with sissy bar detach.
    MS batwing w spoiler windshield.
    Tall sissybar.
    Kuryakyn constellation turn/spot
  • Matte black powder coat.
    Sandblast/scotchbrite everybit of chrome I could get to.
    S/S bolts with chrome H-D caps scuffed & painted satin black.
    Black Hot Toppers.
    1 minor dent on gas tank put there by grandchild with hammer while "fixing it" & I absolutely want it to stay.
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  1. Lugnut
    Last of the Evo's
    Except the FXRs. Me thinks that Evo production run went into 2001 ?
  2. cowboy
    99 is that a 88 TC or last of the evo ?
  3. joshbob
    I like it that you are leaving the "fix-it" dent on your gas tank LOL.
  4. Roadster guy
    Good job, looks nice.
  5. Lugnut
    Had to edit pics to correct time line.
  6. FLHTbiker
    Cool, getting warm in front of the fireplace. Nice looking ride.