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1988 Sportster project
Projects item created by kenfuzed, Aug 10, 2013
  • This is my sportster project from a while back. It's been on hold while I finish other projects.
  • 1988 Sportster 883
    • Bobbed rear fender
    • Fenderless front
    • Rewire everything
    • Upgrade to 19" front wheel
    • Powder coated wheels black, chrome spokes
    • Powder coated valve covers, engine and trans covers black
    • Powder coated fork legs black
    • Rebuild engine, upgrade to 1200
    Additional parts picked up for the project.
    • Lowered shocks
    • Custom spring mount solo seat
    • Side mount brake light w/license plate
    • Electronic ignition
  1. badinfluence63
    I woulda rated it higher but its a work in progress and by the look of the parts you're heading in a great direction!
  2. Roadster guy
    MMMM....Sportster. I wonder what the new Indian company will come up with for competition? Looks good, but appears to have "small tank" syndrome like mine. Are those drag pipes?
  3. JohnnyBiker
    I like that bike all in all. Nice!