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2013 Harley Dyna Superglide Custom FXDC feedback

Discussion in 'Using this forum - Help and Feedback' started by Gino Bamfordio, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Gino Bamfordio

    Gino Bamfordio Member

    Jun 15, 2016
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    Guys, I am thinking about buying a 2013 Harley Dyna Superglide custom FXDC - 1690. Can anyone provide advice regarding the positive and negatives of buying such a bike. The bike is immaculate and only travelled about 5000 kilometres. Thanks.
  2. Red Rider

    Red Rider Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2006
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    Churchill County, NV
    Superglides are decent bikes of the Dyna line. They handle well and can be fixed up with lots of accessories, H-D and aftermarket. Superglides weren't the most popular model, probably because they were not considered to be quite the intro model like Sportsters, but also not generally thought to be the full-blooded H-D line like a Softail, Road King or Bagger Glides (not that I think that). Don't get me wrong, Superglides have a hard-core fan base....it just is not as popular as other models.

    On the plus side: if you're looking to have a bike that a lot of others don't, that FXDC would be a good rider that you could do some fun custom work to, and few others would have done that.

    On the minus side: anecdotally, all my friends who used to have Superglides now have either Road Kings, Softails or one of the Bagger Glides (Road Glide, Street Glide, Ultra). I guess it also comes down to what kind of deal are you getting on it.

    When I've considered used bikes I've always sought to find out why it is being sold. If it went down, make sure you go over it with a critical eye. If it is from a private sale and you can't test ride it, don't buy it unless you really trust the seller. 3 years and 5Km is a pretty quick turnaround - if the seller wasn't happy with it, why should you be? Just things ya have to ask yourself.

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