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77 Shovel fuel problem, S&S Carb

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Tech Talk' started by woojr, Jul 18, 2021 at 8:58 AM.

  1. woojr

    woojr New Member

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    Hello & thanks for reading this thread. I have a 77 HD 1200 with SS carb, engine is pretty much like new, hasn't been ridden much in the last ten years. It has been kept clean in a garage and started and run around the back lot every summer. Last year I prepped it to sell. I removed the tanks, inspected and drained all the last drips of gas. Pulled the valve on tank and cleaned the intake screen.
    Installed new lines and a see through filter, disassembled the carb and inspected it. Everything looked fine including the float and setting. After putting the valve and lines on I put gas in it and opened the valve and drained the whole tank into a glass container. It flowed fast and the gas was clean. I attached it to the carb and turned the valve on but the gas flows slowly through the filter. It took awhile to fill the filter.
    When the fuel is full in the filter the engine starts right up. If I don't let it sit and fill completely, I can twist the throttle and see gas spray from the accelerator pump. But it doesn't start right up. It's starving for fuel to fill the bowl.
    I removed the bowl, its vented and the float seems right on. I blew through the in to the bowl with no push back at all.
    Something is keeping the bowl from filling. And this with the gas cap removed from the tank. I've had the carb apart twice, it's clean as a whistle.
    Last, it will fill and start easily if I wait ten minutes or so. I tried it without the filter and same result.
    I want to sell her but need to get this solved. Any ideas appreciated, thanks a lot for reading.


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