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Low speed front end wobble

Discussion in 'Tech Tips' started by badinfluence63, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. badinfluence63

    badinfluence63 Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2010
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    New England
    I been busy since I bought my bike 6-1-12. Seems in 3rd gear between 30-35+MPH there is a front end wobble. Its barely noticeable, in fact both your hands need to be off the grips to experience it. And the wobble escalates to a violent wobble. Now granted you shouldn't take your hands off the handle bars BUT your front end shouldn't wobble violently just because you do.

    What a PITA arse to get to the bottom of it. I did not bring it back to my local dealership because they are having issues and I shouldn't have even bought it from them(which the bike had to be gotten from yet another dealership because they didin't have the Pearl White.)

    Anyways, I brought it the the next local dealership 2 times which is 120 miles round trip. They couldn't fix it. In fact stated a couple of BS things like "You shouldn't ride with your hands off the handle bars" and "the rider is considered part of the dampening system" and called "The five points of contact" ergo 2 hands,2 feet and butt. And that their solution is to "live with it.",lol yeah right. I cried serious bull**** and took it to the next local dealership..Laconia HD. God bless Laconia HD. I also called HD MOCO tech support in Milwaukee and who gave me a reference number and told me to take it back to the dealership and have them call using the reference number. The dealership never did that. In fact seemed in different to my concern. I understand its my 22,000$ but HD touts itself as service after the sale..I didn't feel that there.

    Next I went to the Laconia HD is 65 miles away too but takes longer, about 30 minutes longer as its over the river and through the woods. When I called, Steve, the service manager assured me he feels they can fix it as there has been many low speed issues with the new bikes.

    They fixed it in less then 30 minutes. The solution was everyone kept forgetting to losen the pinch bolt and which starts at the crating from the factory. When the pinch bolt was losened the front end said "boing" and the front end was unsprung,low speed wobble gone.

    So spread the word. In my 2 month journey trying to find a solution I read many tales of low speed wobble woa's with no immenent solutions in sight.

    I called back the first dealership to say that there was a fix and I don't have to live with the wobble. Shame too as that delaership was just voted one of the top 7 dealerships in the country...boy that sounds ominous. Apparently it was for selling a lot of bikes and not so much for service after the sale.
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