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My latest ride, 1976 Shovel

Discussion in 'Projects' started by kenfuzed, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. kenfuzed

    kenfuzed Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    Tampa FL
    Just picked up this 76 FXE last week and looking forward to adding some of my own style to her. I've been wanting another FX shovelhead for a while and this bike fit the bill.

    1976 FXE, matching numbers engine/frame. The seller said the 74" had been bored but no way of knowing unless I tear it down, but that's not on the immediate radar. Also said the top end had been done, but I'll probably pull the heads just to take a peak. I can tell by the cylinder fin count the engine was not converted to an 80" which is fine by me. The engine is remarkably leak free (for now).

    The trans was upgraded to a Revtech 5 into 4. The carburetor was upgraded to a CV carb... something I would have done anyway so I just need to give it the old CVP treatment. Paint is fresh and the PO added the repro decals and clear coated for a finished look. Seat is a Saddleman and appears barely used.

    He also added these cast wheels and upgraded brakes. I may change to spoked wheels since I have a set from another project (21"/16"), but it will mean making a change to the front brake, so we'll see.

    First thing to go will be those forward controls which probably came off a FL, and I have a set of 12" rise narrow ape bars to give the bike a little more attitude.
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