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Python 3 for 04 Sportster 883C

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Tech Talk' started by feliciacirca57, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. feliciacirca57

    feliciacirca57 New Member

    Apr 21, 2004
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    Park River, ND
    I was told that I should look at changing out my pipes on my new bike (first one and am learning to ride...giddyup!!) the recommendation was for Python 3 but everywhere I look I don't see any that fit a 04 883C...am I looking for something that doesn't exist??? Be nice to me, I am a totally inexperienced newbie that is going through a midlife crisis and decided to live out her dream!!! ;)
  2. CD

    CD Guest

    Time lag

    Anytime you have a new model release there is a delay in aftermarket parts becoming available. Even if nothing major is changed from a previous year model to the new model, it takes time for the manufacturer to get the new bike and verify fit of his products. This can take 30-90 days or longer. When you have a new bike like the V-Rod or the new rubber mounted XL it takes a lot longer because most major parts will no longer fit. H-D or Yamaha or whoever is not about to give the aftermarket any type of help unless they get the part first. They want the accessory market to themselves and are not about to "share" if they can help it.
    Exhausts and seats can take from 90 days to a year depending on demand and design issues. The more popular a model the faster products will be released.

    To date exhaust availability for the 04 XL is very limited. If you can, wait it out until more choices become available. That way, you should be able to choose from a lot more brands.

    Python is a house brand of Drag Specialties manufactured by Vance and Hines so the quality and performance will be good.

    Did you know that V&H makes most of H-D's SE exhaust line also?

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