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Super tuner or race tuner

Discussion in 'EFI Maps and Tuners' started by gator3727, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. cardboard

    cardboard Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2007
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    Lake Livingston, Tx.
    2 of my buddy's went to Colorado and got the fuel milage you are talking about.
    Both have the TM on their bike
    But when they came back o Texas the fuel milage wasn't the same
    It dropped back on the Baggers to 42-44 mpg
    Also V&H told me on the phone is anybody goes past exhaust and high flow air kit, to not use their unit
    People don't leave their bikes stock because you cn make them run o much better and keep the reliability in.
    But like you said, IF fuel milage is your main concern LEAVE it STOCK.
    Out of 100 people. how many people leave a bike stock
    Harley's was built to do changes nd add things to them
    Look at any HD catalog& go to the HD shops
    Everybody is doing modifications and making changes.
    If the stopped doing that HD would go out if business.

    I have put TM on my bike and friends bikes, non of them has taken the unit off their bike.

    I don't care how ou do it. It's your bike and your project
    But if you look at the long run nd you don't want to buy different parts over and over. there can be a more expensive but easier way

    My question is, Why buy a 20,000 motorcycle and buy a cheap tuner that really isn't a tuner.
    Do it right or leave it stock.
  2. hotroadking

    hotroadking Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 16, 2004
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    Mouseville USA
    CO to TX might be fuel issues, different blends.

    TTS Mastertune
    HD Super tuner

    All have advantages

    Also you can get a powercommander if you want a bolt on
    option, go to Fuel Moto, talk with Jamie, they have hundreds
    of pre done maps, all dyno created with a real HD and the parts
    in the bike, Jamie knows his stuff and the PC will show up with the
    map for your bike, if you have issues they will tweak it at no charge
    to get it right, $ for $ a great solution and better than fuel paks or
    any other bolt on tuner,

    For most bikes stage 1 pipes and filter or stage 2 adding in cams and big bore
    they are great, they have them for even more significant changes and its a bolt on
    you keep your stock ECM

    I like the TTS mastertune as you change the map in the HD ECM and can go back to
    stock if you need, most HD shops won't hassle you over it, but a thundermax is a complete ECM replacement so it's more extensive of a change, they work but the work and change is different for each solution.

    Decide how you want to attack it, download a tune from a PC to your ecm no parts swap is TTS Masterune (They made HD's SERT tuner) bolt on - Powercommander from Fuel Moto, complete ecm change then thundermax

    Power Commander III USB - Fuel Moto
  3. Maddog110

    Maddog110 Active Member

    Nov 4, 2011
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    Portland Oregon
    as with me,v and h headers intake,hi flow and sert. its a 110 gets 47 mpg.100 hp 116 tq.i will do no more as it runs good now.30,000 sounds like a sewing machine.well not really. i guess the ? is how much power do ya need. and at what price.NO brakedowns on long road trips is my goal.

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