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1985 FLHTC Evolution
  • this is a before and after of a barn find with 24K miles but ridden hard and put to bed wet. I must have spent 6 mos just cleaning it. I took the jugs down to new metal but made a big mistake spraying the heads with a VHT high temperature clear. It turned amber and I will have to reapply another coating but am not sure what will look good and endure these south Florida hot daz!
  1. Lynmark1
    looking to up grade stock carb, any suggestions?
  2. Marc1340
    Very Nice
  3. Maddog110
    You did a fine job, hope mine looks as good, I found a 91 fat boy with 10,500 on it. Been sitting for seven years in dry storage, IAM in it 4.000 so I think I'll be alright.changing all fluids and replacing cables and carb rebuild, ill fire it this week, wish me luck.
  4. cowboy
    you've done a great job congrats
  5. JohnnyBiker
  6. Roadster guy
    Wow, does not look the same! Nice
  7. badinfluence63
    Nice job...she's looking good!