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2000 Road King
  • Has a 95 inch motor with wiseco 10.5 comp. feuling 534 cams, 1.725 roller rockers, 2004 heads tuned up at Big Boyz. Not a race bike but runs respectable. Want to change lifters and pushrods before this riding season.
  1. bambidee
    The hoist is a Bend Pak 2 post in my auto repair shop. It looks a little scary when you walk in the door and see the bike on it. I have a couple of soft floor mat strips that I put between the arms and bottom of frame. That is to keep it from sliding on the legs. I pick it up an inch or two Give it a good wiggle to check and have at it. I will even pick it up for a detail cleaning. Beats LEANING OVER AND THE WHEELS ARE SOOOO EASY. LOL Also was super for checking the fall away, front bearings that is.
  2. Lucifer
    Nice Pics...Those bags look good on it...A lot nicer than the Classic bags...Sweet looking King...Black is the fastest color...
    Is that a 2 post lift?? My buddy just ordered one looks like that..We were wondering about lifting the bikes with it...