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2004 H-D Sportster Roadster
  • 1200 with Screamin Eagle II pipes, intake, braided cables and lines, new 3 1/2 risers and bars, bags and an H-D quick release windshield for bug season. Parked at St. John, N.B. dealer on a nice Sunday.
  1. Roadster guy
    Thanks, I like the look better without bags and windshield, but weather up here can change from warm and sunny to cold and wet in less than an hour, so I always carry sweater and chaps unless I'm just bombin around town. Getting bigger gas tank over the winter for some bigger rides next summer.
  2. cowboy
    clean looking sporty , like the bags as well & bug shield is a must at times
  3. badinfluence63
    Nice looking bags, Bet they come in handy.