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2012 Classic
  • Bought this about a month ago. 2012 Ember Red Classic with 1200 miles. I took so much stuff OFF of my last Ultra, that a Classic made sense to me
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  1. m1a5h50
    tradin 02 classic bought 12 classic . gr8 bike woods 555 cam v/h 4 in h/o header n mufflers. h/d s/e tuner ( could tweak alil better oh they will) progressive stabilizer installed and mono shock progressice in the fron rides and can throw around like a 500cc this bike is a rider. gonna send kirby mah heads in a few weeks cannt weight.
  2. badinfluence63
    great and expensive option. Lucky you.
  3. big_jake57
    Thanks guys !
    The docking system was already there.
  4. FLHTbiker
    Very nice, love the red
  5. badinfluence63
    Discontinued in 2014....what a shame..good looking bike. I'd say she's a keeper. They have really moved far to the left of the E glide traditional look with the 2014's. Supposedly nothing is retro with the 2014's, parts wise.

    Did you put the docking system on it or was it already there?
  6. Roadster guy
    Looks good in that red. Nice.