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2015 Ultra classic Low
  • Wonderful. Progressive shocks and lowered front end from the factory. Upgraded 6.5 screen brilliant silver pearl hydrolic clutch
  • 103 motor,hydrolic clutch,6 speed,6 gallon tank,25.7 laden seat height,oil cooler,GPS.
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  1. badinfluence63
    This new picture is with all the added accessories...fairing bra, luggage rack,windshield pouches,xm radio,saddle bag guards, 8" black bagger bars.
  2. badinfluence63
    So far near 7000 miles and loving it. Harley has really upped its A game. I cannot quite understand the nay sayers and poo pooers of Harley. Harley has a bike for every type of preferred riding. Mine happens to be long distance touring and this Ultra Low for the short rider is spot on.
  3. Givrsum
    the cadillac of tour.. very nice
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  4. tinsnips
    I wish
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  5. Roadster guy
    Looks like a beauty.
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  6. cowboy
    Good looking Ride
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