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My current stuff..............
  • I'm currently riding a 1979 FXS-80 that is by no means stock, definitely not original paint, and has most of the troubles one would expect from a Shovel Head. Slowly but surely I'm working the bugs out and clearing the issues up. The top end will probably have to be done soon and I'm guessing I might as well go after the bottom while I'm at it. The transmission leaks (hah there's a surprise), the wiring was atrocious, seat was torn so you had wet balls all the time, you know....crusty old biker stuff. Still it's great fun.

    Wrench to Ride- Ride to Wrench

    I also am collecting components of the same vintage for a 78'ish 1200cc Outlaw Shovel reconstruction. A swap meet special reconstructed from salvaged Harley parts.................the collection is ongoing.
  • Harley Davidson FXS-80
  • Most everything has gone bad on this machine and been touched at some point.
  • My favorite is the deep midnight blue paint job.....it's a ongoing project.
  1. joshbob
    Have to say, with all the troubles I've had with my '77 bobber, I ride more than I wrench (well, usually)!
  2. Silent-Dutch
    Grew up on dirt bikes then a metric after I put the basketcase together and took it out for to frist time I love it some guys are down on these twin-cams but I love it
  3. badinfluence63
    Smart man..carbed Evo is the best HD has built thus far in my opinion.
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  4. 79shovel
    I am also, slowly but surely, convincing my financier (the wife), of this very same realization. At some point I have to get out of the primordial sludge and get a twin cam, or at least an EVO. I agree!
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  5. badinfluence63
    Shovels are a never ending project. At some point you should come over to the dark side and pull the trigger on the modern technology. When you're ready to do more riding then wrenching that is!
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